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SKU: 6-2

This beautiful leather set has a damping buffer spring which prevents the dog from flouncing and reduces pulling force. It can also prevent the dog neck from being damaged. (size info below)


Length of leash around 48inch(120cm)

Width of collar 1.0inch/1.2inch/1.4inch(2.5cm/3.0cm/3.5cm)

SM- 1.0inch/2.5cm collar is for dog with neck 15.2-20inch(38-50cm) weight 20-35kg.

MED- 1.2inch/3.0cm collar is for dog with neck 17.6-24inch(44-60cm) weight 30-55kg.

LRG- 1.4inch/3.5cm collar is for dog with neck 18.4-25.6inch(46-64cm) weight 35-65kg 



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